As always, all of Nan's private sessions are over the phone. This allows you to be comfortable in your surroundings while doing the session. It also insures that all of the information Nan receives is not based on any body language or visual cues, even sub-consciously. And, it enables Nan to have clients worldwide, without the limitation of needing to be in person.


Appointments are given for the mornings on various weekdays and Saturdays. (Note: If you have an irregular work schedule, please advise Nan's office when you are contacted for your appointment).


The individual session fee, including a digital recording of the conversation, is $280 paid by debit or credit card at the time of booking the session. You will receive an email confirmation showing the payment, along with the date and time of the session. If you are unable to keep the appointment for any reason, simply notify the office by email or calling 802-316-3039. You may rebook with no penalty, even if it is last minute, but you may not cancel for a refund. For packages of individual sessions, there is a substantial discount (please inquire for more details).


To request a private phone session with Nan, please fill out the following contact form.