Photos taken during the April 2016 and September 2016 Group Trips to Lanzarote





        June 29, 2017 - July 10, 2017 trip information 

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I invite you to join me for ten days on the beautiful island of Lanzarote! This island paradise is the easternmost island of Spain’s Canary Islands, located off the western coast of Africa. It is known as the European Hawaii, for good reason! The amazing climate, days of sun, low humidity, and warm Atlantic Ocean temperatures make it ideal for vacationing. But perhaps the most amazing thing about this island is its ENERGY. In the 1700s and 1800s, there were active volcanoes on the island. You can still feel the “life” of this island, from the moment you step off the plane! It has been in my heart ever since my first visit in November 2010. For pricing information, please click on the link above.

What is it like to visit the island? The April 2016 Group attendees had this to say about their Lanzarote experience:


                   - "I was part of the April group, and it was one of the best things I've ever done for myself."   - Janice Narey, RN Unit Supervisor


                   - "None of us had known each other but the feeling of connection was amazing and wondrous and powerful. The island does something to you, for you,

                     & with you. When I left the States, I was excited & a bit anxious going over but coming home, there was a feeling of peace, a new perspective on what

                     and who matter to me. The twelve of us stay in touch, meet for lunch or dinner and are looking forward to a reunion next year with Nan on Lanzarote.

                     This beautiful little island helped me make peace with my past and lay the ground work for my future, a future that is bright, hopeful, and filled with love.

                     Can't wait to go back with my Lanzarote Sisters!!" - Melinda Dowdle, Flooring & Kitchen Specialist


                  - "Lanzarote: How a Sea Dragon and a Cactus Garden taught me to both root and move with life's current."   -Kimberly Doe,  IT Technician


                  - "Love, friendship, adventure, reflection, future..."  - Gina Scafa, Speech-Language Pathologist


                 - "Magnificent! A new beginning just waiting to unfold."   - Delina Pike Benway, Vermont Principal's Association


                 - "Invigorating! I have not enjoyed a vacation/get away like this one in almost 20 years."   -Michael Richardson, Retired Professional Engineer


                 - "Memorable - Life is too short not to experience Lanzarote, Nan's most beautiful home"  - Melinda Lincoln-Richardson, Professor


                - "Magical! A trip to the island of Lanzarote is an unforgettable, spiritual, fantasy experience of family-like bonding among strangers." 

                                                  -Jackie Larsen, Retired Elementary School Teacher


                 - "Life-affirming. If something looks interesting but makes you uncomfortable, maybe you should give it a try!"  -Crystal Carter, Director of Office for the Aging

                    and Richard Carter, Retired Prison Guard


                 - Magical! Not only was Lanzarote fascinating and awe-inspiring, but my fellow travelers were just as fascinating and awe-inspiring, as well as loving

,                  nurturing,accepting, and most of all, family."  - Lois Morrison, Retired, Semiconductor Technology


                - "Transformational. This trip was both restorative and life changing. I have returned home a better version of myself and with a bunch of really cool

                    new friends!"       -Angelique Devost, Graphic Designer 


Please feel free to call me at the office if you have any questions (802-316-3039)! I can’t wait to share a fantastic ten days together on the beautiful island of Lanzarote!

                                                                                                                                                                           Love and Light,




  • Round-trip airfare to Lanzarote (including two checked pieces of luggage weighing a maximum of 44 pounds each, a carry-on suitcase, a personal item, plus on-board meals)


  • Private (single) accommodations with view at a four-star luxury resort


  • Welcome cocktail party hosted by Nan


  • One hour private one-on-one session with Nan


  • Evening informal discussions in Nan’s suite


  • All meals while at the hotel


  • All beverages (including alcoholic) while at the hotel


  • Airport transfers to/from the airport and hotel


  • Privately Guided Excursions and Entry Fees:     

                                                               (a) Timanfaya National Park – see/hear the history of the volcanos

                                                               (b) Camel ride (optional – you don’t have to, but it’s fun!)
                                                               (c) The Green Lagoon - home of the famous Olivina stones
                                                               (d) Visit to the Wine Country - Lanzarote is known for its wines
                                                               (e) Jameos del Agua – volcanic caves housing a beautiful lake
                                                               (f) Tour of famed architect Cesar Manrique’s home
                                                               (g) Day trip to neighboring island, La Graciosa
                                                               (h) Cactus Garden – more than 300 varieties of cactus in a beautifully-landscaped enclave
                                                               (i)  Mirador del Rio – a high point on the island affording stunning views
                                                               (j)  Teguise Market – Large open market in the town of Teguise which has local products, art, food, and music
                                                               (k) Go-Karting – a private “Grand Prix” for the participants, loads of competitive fun on the large desert racetrack! (optional)

There will also be lots of free time to shop, bike ride, relax on the beach or beside the pool, explore, and hang out together!


All accommodations are single (private) occupancy (other than couples traveling together!). All rooms are have a pool, garden, or ocean view. The beautiful air-conditioned rooms have a balcony with sun loungers, free wifi, coffee/tea kettle, bathroom with tub/shower and hair dryer, and room safe. 

The resort is known for its amazing food. The main restaurant has both indoor and outdoor terrace seating. The breakfast buffet includes whole foods. For lunch, choose from either a hot or cold buffet. Dinners are themed and include hot and cold choices, as well as barbecue cooking. There is always a full salad and fruit bar. Dessert bar lunch and dinner (their desserts are AMAZING!). There is a pool bar/snack bar, too!

There are two evening bars: One, a piano bar; the other, a large room with stage, nightly live shows. 

The pools are fantastic – two freshwater pools (one of them is heated).

Other amenities – Fitness room; on-location spa (optional); four tennis courts (two floodlit/artificial turf); 2 squash courts; shuffleboard/table tennis/miniature golf; Boccia; garden chess (life-size pieces!); pool table, darts, archery and air-rifle shooting; self-service laundry facilities; valet laundry service (optional service); library. Across the street, you can rent bikes (optional). 

Time Difference:
Lanzarote is five hours ahead of Eastern Time. 

Since the Canary Islands are part of Spain, the local currency is the Euro. Euro rates vary greatly. For the past year, the dollar has been fairly steady against the Euro. To keep an eye on the exchange rate, monitor 

Once you are on the island, you will NOT need to exchange any money! Do not do so at airports, etc.! You can use local ATMs to withdraw euros, the rate is better than using exchange services.

You will need a passport to travel to Lanzarote. If you do not have one, please visit the following website:


Contacting home:
There is wifi throughout the resort, so the suggested way to connect is via Skype, FaceTime, Whatsapp, or other wifi-based communication. Any questions, please let me know. You can also use most cells from the U.S., but the price is VERY expensive.


If you would like more information or have any general questions, please send an email to: To receive specific information about the June/July 2017 trip, please click on the link to submit a contact form.