What is an Intuitive Counselor?

"An Intuitive Counselor is like any kind of counselor or therapist, it is only that I use intuition to respond to clients' questions instead of psychology or psychiatry."

What is a Medium?

"A Medium is someone who connects with those who have passed into Spirit. The goal is always to provide information that the person who has passed would know; the person who is seeking help would know; but that I could not possibly know, any other way other than it is being given to me by the person who has passed. Anyone can say generic things - "Oh, your grandmother loves you, and she's proud of you!" - but when a grieving person hears something private or personal coming through that no one else knew, it can dramataically aid in the grief process and subsequent healing."

When did you know you had intuitive abilities, and when did you "go public"?

"I've been 'like this' since I was a child. I can remember feeling the spirits of people around me when I was very small, but I just knew it was something that you didn't talk about. As I got older, I confided in close friends, but it wasn't until 1998 when the book '31 Lessons From John: Spiritual Guidance for Living' was given to me through an extraordinary automatic writing experience  that I began considering being more open about who I am. People make judgments about you when you are different, regardless of what that difference is, and it took me until I was in my '40s to be willing to live authentically and to not hide these beautiful gifts with which God had entrusted me. Once I started being open, the spiritual understanding was like a flood, and everything suddenly made sense. I can't imagine, today, why I felt the need to keep these gifts a secret for so long, but having spoken to others with these gifts, it is almost universal to do so until later in life."

Where do your intuitive abilities come from?

"I believe my intuitive abilities are gifts from God, and I full subscribe to the understanding - paraphrasing noted author Leo Buscaglia - 'what talents and abilities you have are God's gifts to you; what you do with them is your gift to God.' To not use your talents and/or abilities, whatever they are, is tantamount to flipping God off (laughter) - not a good thing to do! Being authentic requires embracing whatever talents you have - whether creatively, mathematically, athletically, or otherwise. Everyone has something that he or she does well, and a crucial part of the soul's journey is to live and use that talent and/or ability fully."

Do you tell both positive things and negative things?

"Clients never have to worry that I will say negative things - I don't 'do' bad! Bad things happen as a result of free will/free choice. You cannot predict the harm someone may cause, intentionally or otherwise, so my sessions do not reflect a harmful event. I also never subscribed to the 'let's scare the clients to death' theory of helping people! (Laughter). All kidding aside, my personal goal is for clients to feel better when we have finished than when we started. I want my clients to feel uplifted and positive at the end of our time together, and to have equipped him or her with the tools to effect true positive change through a new understanding and perspective."

Why do you say you are "not a psychic"? Aren't all people 'like you' the same?

"No, not all people who are intuitive are the same. That would be like asking if all singers or different sports athletes were the same, or if all artists had the same style. By definition, psychics make predictions, frequently using divination tools. I rely on the messages I receive intuitively to help people understand why they are in this physical space, so the process is about looking for answers and understanding them in order to effectuate change. It is a true 'counseling' session that empowers a client to move forward in a more positive way, whether dealing with a life circumstance (career, relationships, health, family matters) or processing through a loss of a loved one in order to gain closure and peace. The information comes through me, not from me, so I act as a conduit to help the client.  In that regard, I see myself as a messenger."

How do you feel about skeptics?

"Being skeptical is healthy, and I would expect someone to be skeptical if he or she had never experienced this kind of interaction. Skepticism is not the same thing as judgment. Where I have difficulty is with people who have never made any personal inquiry into this understanding and feel it is acceptable to be critical or, worse, and to make negative assumptions and/or comments without any personal experience whatsoever. All I would wish for anyone - for his or her sake - is to be open enough to the possibilities that there may be something more to our journey here in this physical space than many are brought up to believe. I firmly believe that when the heart hears the truth, it rings true. I put out there what I understand and trust that what resonates will help. It's like a 'spiritual smorgasbord,' where each person has the right to put on his or her plate what is 'nourishing' and so there is no harm, no foul, in leaving something off the plate, so to speak. My responsibility is to deliver the messages; what people do with those messages is their right and their responsibility, and I respect that. As for skeptics, if they are willing to be open and respectful in the dialogue between us, and come from a place of honest inquiry, I'm totally fine with whatever understanding comes from that discussion. I don't have the right to tell someone else what to think."