Nan believes that life in the physical form is a journey whose purpose is to learn and to grow, working toward the evolution of the soul. The souls all must complete the same lessons, but the "how" is up to the soul through the mechanism of free will/free choice.

A key component is the understanding of the randomness that results from free will/free choice - not all things are for a reason, as many have been taught. That said, there is a safety net even if a person is harmed by the imposition of free will/free choice - whether one's own choices, or that of another.

By identifying and understanding the life lesson plan, you are able to shift from a "why me?" (not "poor me") understanding to a "why did I bring this person, situation, and/or circumstance into my life?" This can be incredibly empowering and liberating, moving away from a reactive perspective on life to a proactive stance.

To learn more about Nan's philosophy, be sure to read Nan's newest book, "Intellectual Spiritualism," which is scheduled to be released in 2020. Information on the release date will be posted on this website.

Nan's Philosophy