An Online Course Created by Nan O'Brien

Why You're Here was in a "Beta" version for six months. Here's a small sampling of what a few of the Beta participants said about the course:

"I have to tell you that your course is fantastic!  I find myself enjoying everything and, truly, unable to stop thinking about it."
- Dr. Melinda Lincoln-Richardson, College Professor (Virginia)

"I am in awe of the amount of work you put into this course and want to thank you so much for sharing this..."

- Mary Beth Giroux  (Vermont)

"I devoured the lessons quickly, and listened over and over. The whole process has been an extremely enlightening (and even vindicating) one..."

- Dr. Mara Jevera Fulmer, College Professor (Michigan)

"I would recommend this course for anyone struggling with their faith, world events, and searching for their purpose and meaning in this world and others." 

- Lorena R Laprade, Executive Officer (Vermont)

Please enjoy the following audio clips from a few of the lessons in Module One:

Are you looking for answers in your life? Your life purpose? Understanding the family you grew up in and/or your children? The relationships you have - or don't have? How to parent a difficult child? Why you are unfulfilled in your job? How to tap into your own intuition? If so, Nan O'Brien's new online course, Why You're Here - A Spiritual Explanation is the answer for these questions, and much, much more!

This comprehensive, self-guided online course reflects the spiritual knowledge and understanding Nan has shared with her radio and live audiences, as well as her private clients, worldwide for the past fifteen years. You will no longer ask, "Why me?" - you will understand the "why" of your life, which will empower you to change it!

Start the New Year with a New Perspective!

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To start your personal spiritual journey with Module One of Nan O'Brien's online course, Why You're Here: A Spiritual Explanation, please click the payment link below. You will be asked to provide your email address during check-out. After receipt of your payment of $229.00 by debit or credit card, a link will be emailed to you the same day, which will give you access to all eleven audio and worksheet course materials contained in Module One. NOW Club members receive a 10% discount on the course! Call 802.316.3039 for details before purchasing!

The online course is divided into four modules. Each module is comprised of audio files recorded by Nan O'Brien, and accompanying, thought-provoking worksheets for each lesson. The course is delivered to you electronically.

Module One is now available!

Module One contains eleven lessons that explore basic spiritual information and cover the following topics: (1) Investigating your religious and spiritual belief systems; (2) Releasing belief system limitations; (3) The definition of life; the “Life Ribbon” understanding; (4) Your spiritual life vs. your physical life; (5) What a soul contract is, how it’s formed, and why; (6) Your place and role in your physical family; (7) How you process decisions and why; (8) Why all things are NOT for a reason; (9) Free will/free choice – what it is, how it impacts your life; (10) The role of fear in your life and how you can harness your fear in a positive way; and (11) Living faithfully vs. fearfully – understanding and implementing the four steps to a faith-based orientatation.

Each module of Why You're Here is a stand-alone course of study. Module Two is slated for release in  Summer 2019; Module Three will be released Fall 2019; and Module Four will be released in Winter 2020.